Coffee Can Impact Your Smile

Millions of Americans consider coffee to be a staple in their daily routine, consuming at least one cup every day. Though this beverage is popular around the world, it could negatively impact the appearance and health of your smile.

However, you do not have to give up your favorite drink to preserve your oral health if you remain vigilant. Dr. Sahil Goyal, a dentist located in Laurel, MD, describes three potential risks to your oral health that may develop if you do not take care of your smile while drinking coffee.

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3 Oral Health Considerations for Coffee Drinkers

Beware of Staining Your Smile

Coffee gets its dark color from tannins, which can absorb into the enamel of your teeth as you drink coffee and leave stains behind. These stains extend beyond the teeth’s surface and cannot be removed with your usual oral hygiene regimen.

You may lower your chances of tooth discoloration when consuming coffee by adding milk to your drink, sipping through a straw, or selecting a lighter-colored brew. But this will not eliminate the risk entirely.

If you have noticed yellowing, staining, or dullness in your smile, you can ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening treatment. With help from your dental professional, you can keep your smile looking its best.

Avoid Added Sugar

Coffee has a bitter taste on its own, so many coffee enthusiasts add sugar to their beverage to enhance the flavor. Though the sweetness may be appealing, sugar can have detrimental effects on your oral health.

Sugar reacts with your saliva to become acidic which can then eat away at your tooth enamel and give you cavities. While your dentist can treat cavities with dental fillings, you can protect the structure of your smile by avoiding added sugar wherever possible, including in your coffee.

Drink Water to Prevent Dehydration

A major draw for coffee drinkers is the caffeine boost that accompanies a cup of coffee. Caffeine can make you feel more alert, but it can also dehydrate you.

Low hydration levels will lower saliva production which can lead to dry mouth. This unpleasant condition allows bacteria to spread easily across your teeth, heightening your risk for oral infections such as gum disease.

Periodontal disease can cause inflammation of the gum tissue, but as it progresses, it can also create severe damage to your teeth that can result in tooth loss. You can prevent these issues by drinking plenty of water along with your coffee to stay hydrated.

Learn More Oral Health Tips from Your Laurel, MD Dentist

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