Oral Hygiene During Holiday Travel

During the holiday season, many people intend to travel. Whether you go on a vacation to a new city or visit loved ones in another state, you likely have a great deal of planning to do.

When you leave home, you might stray from your usual routines, which can be fun. But as you pause your typical schedule, plaque will not take a break from harming your smile.

As you make plans for your upcoming trip, do not forget to consider oral hygiene throughout your trip. Taking precautions when it comes to oral health care will ensure you do not suffer from dental emergencies that can disrupt your holiday. Read on to find three tips you can employ during your holiday travels to help you maintain good oral hygiene.

maintain good oral hygiene to prevent dental emergencies

Stick to Good Oral Hygiene Habits While Traveling

Keep Oral Hygiene Supplies Handy

Everyday items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss are likely high on your list of things to pack. But you do not always have easy access to your suitcase during your vacation. Sometimes luggage is checked on a long flight or stowed in a hotel room while you go sightseeing.

Then you might not have your oral hygiene supplies with you when you need them. This could allow plaque to remain on your teeth and cause dental damage.

To avoid this risk, consider keeping hygienic supplies in your purse or pocket while traveling. You can then use them when needed to stop permanent dental harm from accruing on your smile during the holiday season.

Plan Ahead for Healthy Snacks

Many people look forward to home-cooked meals with loved ones or trying new restaurants during a vacation. But though these meals are likely planned, you should also remember to plan potential snacks too.

You can keep snacks on hand that will not hurt your smile. Preparations like this can help you curb cravings that might otherwise harm your teeth. It could be easy to cave in to indulging in sugary treats that will heighten your risk for cavities.

Preserve your dental structure by planning ahead for these cravings. Snacks like nuts and dried fruit will taste great while avoiding dental damage. Crunchy foods like nuts can also improve your oral hygiene by scraping plaque from your teeth while you chew.

Continue Drinking Plenty of Water

You likely know the importance of drinking plenty of water to stay healthy, and this applies to your dental health as well. Though you might be busy on your vacation, you still need to stay hydrated to keep your smile and the rest of you in good shape.

It can be difficult to drink enough water when you are away from your usual routine and have many fun events planned. One way to better adhere to your water-drinking habit is to pack an easy-to-carry bottle.

Then you will have access to the water that you need and can better stay hydrated. You might get dry mouth if you become dehydrated, which can increase your risk of contracting gum disease. Keep your gums and the rest of your smile looking and feeling their best by drinking water as you travel.