The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Many people suffer from a fear of the dentist, also called dental anxiety. There are other problems that may make dental care difficult. For these issues, Dr. Sahil Goyal of Laurel Smiles Dental Care, a dentist in Laurel, MD, offers sedation dentistry. Completely safe and beneficial for patients that struggle to get dental care, Dr. Goyal highlights the varieties and benefits of sedation dentistry.laurel, maryland dentist

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses certain medications to relax patients while they get their dental procedures. In particular, it’s beneficial for people that suffer from dental anxiety. In severe cases, people with dental anxiety avoid the dentist and don’t get the regular care that they need. This means they may have to have more serious procedures down the road.

At Laurel Smiles Dental Care, we offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide is often better known as laughing gas. It takes effect immediately when you start breathing it in, allowing you to feel relaxed throughout your dental treatment. You’ll be alert enough that you can answer questions if we need to ask you something. Since it also wears off immediately, you’ll be able to drive to and from your appointment by yourself.

Oral sedation comes in the form of a prescribed pill you’ll take about an hour before your appointment. This is a deeper form of sedation and it may also be used in conjunction with the nitrous oxide. You may fall asleep or not remember parts of your procedure. Since this sedation may take a few hours to wear off, you’ll need a ride to and from your appointment.

For extra comfort during any invasive procedures, we always offer a local anesthetic as well. This will be done after your sedation has already taken effect so that you’ll be able to be calm and not panic with the anesthetic.

Who Can Benefit From Sedation Dentistry?

Most commonly, sedation dentistry is used for people that suffer from dental anxiety. These patients may have avoided coming to the dentist for years because of their phobia. Skipping out on regular dental care means they may have severe dental problems that need to be treated, such as gum disease. Sedation allows them to relax enough to get dental care, and can be used to perform multiple procedures at once so they can come less often.

In addition, sedation is beneficial for children that have trouble sitting still to make it through an entire dental appointment. It also works for those with special needs that may make it impossible to sit still through an appointment. We want to make sure that injury or issues aren’t caused by a patient that’s moving and shifting. Sedation helps us do what we need to do while the patient remains calm.

Sedation Dentistry at Your Laurel, Maryland Dentist

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