Why Family Dentistry is Important

Even though children have primary teeth that eventually fall out, dental care is important for people of all ages. At Laurel Smiles Dental Care, a provider of family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Laurel, MD, we want to make sure everyone from children to seniors gets the care they need.family dentistry in laurel, maryland

Age-Specific Dental Procedures

Certain dental complications occur at different stages of aging. For younger children, tooth decay is a big issue. We can help to teach both you and your child the best ways to brush and floss little teeth. We also offer dental sealants to provide an extra layer of protection. These are painted onto the cusps of molars and in other hard to reach places to help prevent tooth decay.

As the teen years and early twenties are reached, wisdom teeth begin to erupt. In many instances, wisdom teeth cause more harm than good. Our jaws don’t have enough room for these extra molars and teeth can become crowded and cramped in the mouth. With diagnostic tools and expertise, we can help determine early on if the wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

Last, geriatric patients have common dental issues as well. As we get older, our teeth naturally get darker and take on more stains. Many patients want help getting whiter teeth. Tooth loss is another prominent issue experienced by seniors. We offer a full array of tooth replacement options, including dental implants.

Creating Good Habits

Oral health is something that’s important in every stage of our lives. Getting children started early allows them to keep good habits throughout their lives. Dental fear can also be prevented by starting children early with dental care. They can have a parent present to reassure them throughout their dental procedures. It’s also helpful to see their parents getting dental care and realizing it’s nothing to be afraid of.

Catching Problems Early

Particularly with children, mouths are growing and changing all the time. A surprising amount of changes can be made in the six months between regular dental visits. Regular dental care allows us to see the changes that are happening and recommend treatments as we see fit. For example, we can recommend orthodontics for children if we see bite issues or crooked teeth.

With our diagnostic tools and expertise, we’re also able to detect problems that you may not be able to see. Dental x-rays provide imagery to detect infections and tooth decay that may not be visible with the naked eye currently. Catching problems early allows us to recommend more conservative treatment methods to avoid more intensive procedures in the future.

Family Dentistry in Laurel, Maryland

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