Why You Should Fix Crooked Teeth

While crooked teeth are certainly an aesthetic issue, that’s not the only problem they bring. Crooked teeth can cause problems with your oral health. Dr. Sahil Goyal of Laurel Smiles Dental Care, a dentist in Laurel, MD, explains why treating crooked teeth is crucial and the options available at our office.laurel, maryland dentist

Why Straighten Crooked Teeth?

For starters, crooked teeth can make you self conscious. We want you to have a smile you can show off, not hide it. Straightening your crooked teeth allows you to have a smile that you want to show everyone.

But there are more pressing issues with crooked teeth. They can make your mouth crowded and cramped, causing pain. Crooked, jumbled teeth are also harder to clean. There are little nooks and crevices you may not be able to reach with your normal oral healthcare routine. This leads to problems with tooth decay or gum disease because food remains stuck.

Crooked teeth also impact how your bite comes together. If your bite is misaligned, it can lead to cracked and broken teeth because your teeth come together at odd angles. A misaligned bite can lead to problems with TMJ disorders as well. This is caused when your jaw joint and the muscles around it become damaged or strained, causing pain, headaches, and further problems.

Traditional Braces

At Lauren Smiles Dental Care, we offer some orthodontic options. They’re the standard way to get a straighter smile but have had solid updates over the years. Metal braces have become more comfortable and less noticeable on your teeth. For severe bite problems and extremely crooked teeth, metal braces are still the best way to get a straighter smile.

The length of time that you’ll need braces varies with every patient. Before any cosmetic treatment, you’ll meet with the dentist. They’ll go over your concerns and goals with your smile and talk to you about your medical history. A thorough examination will be done of your mouth and bite to determine the best treatment plan for you.


Invisalign is a more discreet alternative to traditional braces and can treat mild or moderate orthodontic issues. The clear plastic aligners are able to be removed when eating so that your diet can remain the same. They’re also removed to be cleaned and are less irritating than braces can be for the soft tissues in your mouth.

As with braces, the dentist will help you determine how long your treatment will need to be. The average length of treatment is about 11 months. Every two weeks you’ll switch out aligners to gradually move your teeth to where they’re supposed to be. Dental impressions are taken to make the aligners a custom fit to your teeth.

Treating Crooked Teeth at Your Laurel, Maryland Dentist

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