Crooked Teeth Laurel, MD

Crooked Teeth: An Overview

As your trusted local dentist, we look forward to providing you with a healthy smile that you can be proud of for years to come. For our patients suffering from crooked teeth in Laurel, MD, we offer affordable orthodontic solutions to help you achieve your aesthetic and dental health goals in the best way possible.

Crooked bottom teeth are not only a cosmetic issue but can also present several issues in terms of your oral hygiene. We offer orthodontic solutions and Invisalign with crowded teeth to help alleviate any discomfort you may be experiencing due to your crooked teeth and improve your oral health.

Affordable Orthodontics for crooked teeth in Laurel, MD


Crooked teeth aren’t just an aesthetic issue. They impact your oral health negatively, too. Crooked teeth can be cramped and overlap, making it harder to clean in between them. Plaque and tartar build up in these areas and make you more likely to suffer from tooth decay or gum disease. These areas are hard to see, too, meaning you may not notice these cavities until they progress to a more severe stage.

The teeth come together in a certain alignment when you bite down. The pressure is evenly distributed across your teeth. When they’re crooked, this pressure isn’t even. Some teeth experience more pressure than others. They wear down faster and they’re more likely to chip or break.

Crooked teeth also make you more likely to suffer from TMJ issues. One of the primary causes of TMJ disorders is an uneven bite. It causes the jaw joint to move in unnatural ways. It wears down the disc of cartilage in the joint that allows it to move smoothly. This causes pain throughout the face and jaw, as well as popping and clicking sounds when you’re chewing. You may get your jaw stuck in a position or be unable to open or close your mouth.


Many patients do not know that they have plenty of options when it comes to fixing crooked bottom teeth. Advancements in dental health care have come a long way in the past few years. This means it is possible for us to provide more discreet orthodontic solutions to best meet your needs.


Invisalign is one of the most popular ways to straighten crooked teeth. Patients like it because it’s subtler than traditional metal braces. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to slowly shift your teeth into the right position. While you wear them at least 20-22 hours a day, you can take them out to eat and perform your oral healthcare routine. Invisalign does take discipline to avoid losing the aligners and ensure you’re wearing them for the appropriate amount of time each day.

For Invisalign treatment, we start with impressions of your teeth. The Invisalign clear aligners are made from these impressions. We’ll ensure that the first set fits properly. You’ll feel some pressure and discomfort for the first few days of a new set of aligners, but this will pass. On average, you change out the aligners about every two weeks to shift your teeth into place. Invisalign can treat mild to moderate orthodontic concerns.


Metal braces are the traditional way to straighten crooked teeth. Certain cases are too severe and Invisalign will not work. In these cases, patients will require metal braces to properly align the teeth. With developments in dental technology, the braces of today are a lot less noticeable than in the past. They’re smaller, low-profile, and more comfortable. We keep up with the latest advancements in the dental world to ensure you’re getting the best treatments available.

Like Invisalign treatment, we start by taking impressions of your teeth to plan your braces treatment. We cement the brackets to your teeth. They connect to wires that we tighten each month, slowly bringing your teeth into the proper alignment. Metal braces do require some extra upkeep to clean around the brackets and wires. You will also need to remove some foods from your diet so they will not stick to your braces and cause damage.


If you are searching for quick answers and questions about crooked teeth, please read through our frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question, please feel free to reach out to our helpful office staff. We offer several treatments for crooked teeth in Laurel, MD.


Depending on the severity of your tooth misalignment, you may be eligible for Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is an orthodontic solution that helps patients who have mild to moderate alignment problems avoid metallic braces. The Invisalign clear aligner system works to straighten your teeth slowly, over time.

It involves using a system of clear, plastic aligners that gently put pressure on your teeth. You must wear the aligners for 22 hours a day. You can remove them to eat, brush and floss. About every week, you will switch out the clear aligners. You will need to undergo a consultation before starting treatment. There are some orthodontic issues that Invisalign cannot fix.


Most patients who receive braces will need to have them for 18 to 24 months in order to see their desired results. Some patients may need to have them longer, depending on the severity of their orthodontic issues.


This will vary from patient to patient. Our first goal is to make sure that whatever treatment option you go with will be the one that most effectively meets your needs. Secondly, it is good to consider the lifestyle changes that both treatment plans require. With metal braces, you will need to be more mindful of the food you eat while you have them so that you don’t damage the braces.

On the other hand, Invisalign requires you to remove the retainers whenever you are eating or drinking anything other than water. You will need to exercise proper willpower with Invisalign, and ensure that you are using them at least 22 hours out of every day to receive your desired results.