All-On-Four Implant Concept Laurel, MD

Dental implants are a great option for patients missing a single tooth. However, can they help patients who are missing a full arch of teeth? Using multiple implants, dentists can secure a denture to replace all the teeth on an arch. Dr. Cooper is happy to offer the all-on-four dental implant concept in Laurel, MD, to patients who wear dentures and partials.

The all-on-four implant concept uses only four dental implants. Your dentist will strategically place them in the jaw to support your dentures or partials. Dental implants provide your denture with added support, allowing it to function like natural teeth. They offer a permanent solution for tooth loss without worrying about slippage when chewing or speaking.

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At Laurel Smiles, we offer a complete range of affordable dental implant services in our Laurel, MD, dentist office. We are happy to treat patients at all stages in their dental health journey, including those who have lost a full arch of teeth. Dentures and partials are often recommended to patients who have lost a full arch of teeth.

However, even the best dentures can slip around and make simple tasks like chewing or speaking feel more difficult. We often suggest the all-on-four dental implant concept, which acts as anchors for your dentures and partials to combat these issues.

There are many benefits to the all-on-four dental implant concept, including:

  • Improved cosmetic appearance.
  • Less dietary restrictions
  • Long-lasting restorative option
  • No slippage
  • Easy care
  • Fewer surgical procedures (because replacing every missing tooth with a dental implant can be a costly process, the all-on-four concept is a great alternative that provides similar benefits to your smile with fewer necessary surgical procedures)



It’s important to discuss with your dentist if the all-on-four dental implant concept is right for you. There are certain requirements you have to meet to be eligible for the procedure. First, you must have enough healthy bone structure to support the dental implants. If you don’t meet this requirement, bone grafting may be necessary. The bone grafting procedure will have to be completely healed before moving forward. We’ll do tests to ensure that the bone density is sufficient.

Since the implant placement is a surgical procedure, your overall health must be good enough to undergo it. We’ll discuss your medical history, current disorders, and medications. Your oral health has to be at a certain level as well. If you have gum disease or other infections in the mouth, those must be treated before continuing. We’ll also remove any remaining tooth fragments or broken teeth in the arch that will be receiving the implants.



Once your dentist determines that the all-on-four concept is the best treatment option for you, we will begin by taking thorough X-rays and dental impressions so that we can plan your procedure effectively. We offer advanced treatment planning to determine the best areas and angles to place the implants. This ensures that you’ll get the most effective treatment and reduces the chance of rejection of the implants.

A surgical procedure will be scheduled, during which the dental implants will be placed within your upper and/or lower jaw. Dr. Cooper will instruct you on what to expect during the healing process. It takes about 3-6 months for the implants to heal and fully fuse with the jawbone. We’ll provide you with a temporary restoration while you heal. Abutments on the top of the implant posts will attach the posts to the final restoration.

We’ll take impressions to custom-make the denture to the exact specifications of your mouth. The tooth size and shape will blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth and your mouth. We can also color-match to the rest of your teeth or the shade of white that you desire.


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