Single Dental Implant Laurel, MD

Tooth loss is a common dental concern that we treat in our Laurel, MD, dental office. While initially, you may only notice the cosmetic concerns that come from a missing tooth, it’s important to know that missing teeth can also cause more detrimental dental concerns down the road.

By replacing a tooth with a dental implant, you can restore your missing tooth’s look, feel, and function. Dr. Cooper specializes in implant dentistry and is happy to discuss with you what a single implant procedure can do for your smile at your next appointment.

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You may not think missing a tooth is a big deal, especially if it’s just one. But even a single missing tooth impacts your entire mouth. If you’re missing one tooth, the teeth around it are more likely to develop tooth decay or go missing themselves. You’re also more likely to suffer from gum disease. Oral health problems are more likely to occur in people who are missing one or more teeth.

When there’s a hole in your smile, the teeth around it start to shift to try and fill that gap. If you’ve had Invisalign or other teeth-straightening treatment, that could all go to waste. Once the tooth root is gone, the jawbone deteriorates as well. This area of your face begins to sag, causing premature aging. The sagging skin and hollow look add years to the look of your face.

A missing tooth means your bite is unbalanced. Certain teeth will take on more stress and pressure than they should. These teeth are more likely to break or crack and wear down faster. An unbalanced bite also causes problems with TMJ disorders. It impacts the way that your jaw moves and comes together. Symptoms like jaw pain, popping and clicking, and struggling with jaw function are common.

Lastly, a missing tooth messes with your self-confidence, especially in front of your mouth. It can impact your diet and speaking ability as well. It may be hard for you to chew or bite certain foods that you love.


Dental implants are the premier tooth restoration option. With an extremely high patient-satisfaction rating, you will receive many benefits from choosing dental implants that you simply won’t get with other restorative options. Learn more about the benefits of dental implants here. 


A dental implant is a small metal post that looks similar to a screw. It is placed in the jaw bone where the missing tooth was located via a surgical procedure. The implant will serve two purposes, it will support a dental crown and replace the missing tooth root. One of the greatest benefits of choosing an implant restoration is the implant will stimulate the bone as the tooth root once did and prevent bone loss.

After implantation, the implant will need time to fuse with the surrounding bone fully. This process, known as osseointegration, typically takes about three to six months. Next, a small piece called an abutment is secured to the implant. You will need to wait an additional few weeks so the site can heal properly before Dr. Cooper can attach the dental crown at his Laurel, MD, dentist office.


The cost of a single dental implant varies from patient to patient because each dental implant treatment plan is designed specifically for your smile. Single tooth procedure can range from $1000 to $5000 depending on your type of dental coverage, the materials needed to create your dental implant, and the location of your missing tooth. If you are considering dental implants near you to restore your missing teeth, consult with the professionals at Laurel Smiles. We will be able to provide an estimated cost for your dental implant after evaluating your smile.