Dentist Columbia, MD

Laurel Smiles Dental Care provides complete dental services for patients who reside in Columbia, Maryland. This includes preventive dental care, cosmetic dental treatments, emergency situations, dentistry for children, and treatment for complex dental cases. Our skilled dentists provide comprehensive dental healthcare to patients of all ages.

Dentist Columbia, MD

Digital Dentistry

Our practice uses digital technology to better serve your needs. It allows us to accurately diagnose problems and provide the right solution. Our Columbia, MD area dentist office is equipped with CBCT technology (cone beam computed tomography). This high-end imaging technology allows us to see the all the underlying components of your oral health such as the bone, nerves, and some soft tissue. This is helpful in certain procedures such as the placement of dental implant fixtures. Additionally, we utilize digital impressions that allow us to avoid using the typical putty-like substance. It is much cleaner and delivers more accurate impressions of teeth for treatments such as Invisalign.

Treatment for Complex Dental Cases

Dr. Clark and her team are considered experts at restoring patients compromised oral health. Whether you have missing teeth, TMJ pain, damaged teeth, or suffer from gum disease, we can construct a treatment plan that will help restore your oral health. We offer several restorative dentistry treatments including full dental implant services. This allows us to fully restore missing or irreparable teeth in under a year. Additional treatments include dental bridges, dental crowns, TMJ treatment, and dentures. For patients that suffer from gums disease, we offer treatment to remove built-up tartar and bacteria from the mouth as well as fix any damage.

Improving the Appearance of your Teeth and Smile

If you are unhappy with how you look when you smile, our Columbia, MD area dentist office offers several cosmetic dentistry treatments. These elective procedures can transform your teeth and enhance your smile immensely. A simple professional teeth whitening treatment may be all you need to accomplish this. However, we provide smile makeovers that can completely transform the appearance of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are custom made to fit perfectly over your teeth to hide just about any flaw. We can straighten crooked teeth by using Invisalign or orthodontics. Straightening your teeth can actually help improve your oral health. Perfectly aligned teeth are easier to clean and keep healthy.

Dentistry for Children

Not only do we provide complete dental care children. Treating children early in life is vital to helping them maintain good oral health throughout their life. Childrens teeth will continue to develop until their late teens. It is important that their oral development is monitored closely during this time. We will be able to intervene with the appropriate treatment to avoid major complications later in life.

Laurel Smiles Dental Care Welcomes Patients from Columbia, MD

If you are from Columbia, MD and are searching for a family dentist, consider choosing Laurel Smiles Dental Care. Our dental team looks forward to treating you and your entire family. To book your first appointment with us, please call 301-490-7007 or request an appointment by filling out our online form.