Dentist Savage, MD

Laurel Smiles Dental Care is a local dentist office that provides expert dental care to patients from Savage, MD. We are welcoming new patients of all ages and look forward to meeting all your oral health needs. Our talented and experienced dental team provides complete dental services that includes general, restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry.

Dentist Savage, MD

Our office is home to an experienced dental team that includes Dr. Meredith Clark. They provide complete dental services under one roof. They can restore year of damage to your teeth and gums or create the perfect smile with a cosmetic treatment. No matter what your oral health care needs are, our dental team can come up with a treatment plan for you.

Dental Services and Treatments

Our dental team offers a full range of dental services and treatments in one location. Additionally, we are equipped with the latest in dental technology to better serve our patients from Savage, MD. With this advanced dental technology, we can better identify problems, provide accurate diagnoses, create precise treatment plans, and deliver treatment more comfortably.

General Dentistry will Help you Achieve and Maintain Optimal Oral Health

Proper oral health is an important part of living a healthy life. Failing to take care of your teeth and gums can result in problems such as gum disease and cavities. Extreme neglect will result in tooth loss, bone loss, and serious health problems. General dentistry includes preventive dental visits which are important for your overall health. They make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and disease free. It also gives your dentist a chance to catch issues in the early stages when treating it is easier. Laurel Smiles Dental Care offers many services and treatments to help keep your smile as healthy as possible. To learn more about the importance of preventive dental care, see General Dentistry.

What to Expect at Each Dentist Appointment

During each bi-annual dental visit, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums. They will screen for oral cancer, gum disease, bite issues, tooth damage, and cavities. If you require x-rays, they will take those as well. Dental x-rays are typically taken about once a year unless the patient is suffering from problems. Each visit will include a teeth cleaning from one of our trained dental hygienists will clean and polish your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Focuses on Improving the Appearance of your Smile

Laurel Smiles Dental Care is home to talented cosmetic dentists that can help you achieve the smile you desire. We welcome patients from Savage, MD to schedule a cosmetic consultation. During your appointment, one of our dentists will examine your teeth and review all your treatment options. A smile design will be customized to meet your unique needs. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments are guaranteed to improve the appearance of your smile and support your long term oral health.

Restorative Dental Care Restores the Health and Function to your Mouth

If you suffer from complex dental concerns such as missing or damaged teeth, you will require restorative dentistry. Laurel Smiles Dental Care offers superior, high quality dental treatments to repair teeth and cure infections. Whether your issues are due to an accident or neglect, we can create a treatment plan to restore health and function to your mouth. Our dentists will complete a thorough exam and come up with a treatment plan to fix your teeth and gums. To learn more about our restorative dentistry solutions, see Restorative Dentistry.

Implant Dentistry is the Number one Solution for Tooth Loss

Missing or severely damaged or decayed teeth will need to be replaced. Failing to do so will impact the shape of your face, the appearance of your smile, and your oral health. When possible, we will suggest dental implants. We offer many types of dental implants for patients missing one, several, or an entire arch of teeth. After a full mouth exam, Dr. Clark will create a custom dental implant treatment plan for. To learn more about our dental implant options, see Implant Dentistry.

Dentist near Savage, MD Accepting New Patients

If you are looking for a new dentist office, Laurel Smiles Dental Care is home to a group of trusted and experienced dentists. We deliver custom dental care to patients of all ages. To schedule your first dentist appointment with us, call 301-490-7007 or schedule an appointment online.