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Comprehensive Dental Services

Your smile is not just like anyone else’s. This means that your dental healthcare plan needs to be personalized to meet your unique needs. In order for this to be accomplished, you need a dentist’s office that is equipped to handle a full range of dental procedures in one convenient location.

Laurel Smiles Dental Care has been providing patients with comprehensive dental services for thirty years. We offer patients high-quality dental care that they are looking for at an affordable cost. We also accept most dental insurances.

Our dentists in Laurel, MD and dental care staff are excited to meet you and discuss your dental health goals. You are one step away from meeting with experienced dental health professionals who will work with you to give you the smile of your dreams: schedule an appointment today!

Comprehensive dentistry in Laurel, Maryland

General Dental Services in Laurel, MD

Our general dentistry services allow us to provide you with standard dental cleanings, fillings, and exams. Patients with both natural teeth and teeth with restorations need to make sure that proper oral hygiene is consistently maintained by seeing a general dentist regularly.

This is why we offer our preventative maintenance services, designed to help prevent cavities, preserve teeth that have been restored, and manage gum disease. In addition to these standard procedures, we also offer the following general dentistry services:

Cosmetic Dental Services in Laurel, MD

First impressions are important, but sometimes issues with your smile affect your overall appearance. When this is the case, your self-confidence and self-esteem can take a hit if these issues are left unresolved. Whether you’re interested in whitening your smile or reshaping a chipped or cracked tooth, our cosmetic dentistry solutions can help you live more confidently.

We look forward to seeing you leave our office with a new, improved smile through the use of the following cosmetic dentistry services:

Restorative Dental Treatments in Laurel, MD

As time progresses, teeth become damaged or fall out. Additionally, your gum or jaw health can decline due to gum disease or teeth grinding. When this happens, you have plenty of restorative dental treatments in restoring your smile back to being as good as new.

Whether you are looking for a replacement method for one of your teeth or a full set of teeth, our highly-trained doctors can help you in reviving the look, feel, and function of your smile. Our restorative dentistry solutions include:

Schedule A Dental Exam Today

The best way to determine if our services will meet your needs is to schedule an appointment with our doctors. From there, one of our highly-trained professionals will perform a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, and jaw to determine which of our treatments will best meet the needs of your smile.

If you’d like more information on any of our general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry services, please call 301-490-7007. We look forward to meeting with you soon.